Visitor Solutions has two sponsorship opportunities, one for organisations and sports clubs we have worked with (the ‘participant sponsorship draw’) and the other for those we have not necessarily worked with (the ‘general sponsorship draw’).

The General Sponsorship Draw

Every six months a sponsorship grant is made to an organisation, which has been selected at random from a pool of eligible registrations. To be eligible your organisation must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a not for profit / charitable organisation involved in the sports or community development sectors.
  • Demonstrate clearly to the satisfaction of Visitor Solutions that the grant will be used for the benefit of the community.
  • Be based within New Zealand.
  • Be prepared to acknowledge Visitor Solutions
  • Be prepared for the recipient’s identity and a photo to be published on our website.
  • Have completed the sponsorship draw form correctly.

The Participant Sponsorship Draw

Every year one sponsorship grant is made to an organisation that has participated in a past Visitor Solutions project. To be eligible in addition to the above six criteria (of the General Sponsorship Draw) your organisation must:

  • Have participated in a past project with Visitor Solutions.

Registering and Key Dates

Eligible organisations can register to go into the sponsorship grant draw/s by filling out the application form and answering a simple question by clicking here. Registration dates for the ‘General Sponsorship Draws’ close on June 1st and November 1st while the registration date for the ‘Participant Sponsorship Draw’ closes on the January 1st.

Note: Applicants eligible for the annual ‘Participant Sponsorship Draw’ are also able to submit to the biannual ‘General Sponsorship Draw’.

How to Apply

If you would like to make an enquiry about sponsorship, please contact us here.

Past Sponsorship

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

Hibiscus Coast Raiders

New Zealand Riding for the Disabled Association