We at Visitor Solutions understand the significant impact the COVID-19 Pandemic has had on the sport, recreation, tourism, heritage, event and community sectors.  This has resulted in very challenging times for everyone. We are passionate about ensuring the sport, recreation, tourism, heritage, event and community sectors are strong. 

We want to support the recovery phase by looking at opportunities to adapt and rebuild as quickly as possible. Between Craig, Andy, Anita and Gordon, we have significant experience at a local, regional and national levels and can provide advice and services around:

Financial modelling and forecasting

Organisational structures, restructuring and amalgamations

Asset optimisation and repurposing to generate new revenue sources

Developing new programmes to attract new visitors

Strategic planning and business planning

Funding applications

We are already working with several organisations with funding applications for the Provincial Growth Fund and Crown Infrastructure Funding.  We are examining and developing proposals to support hard-hit tourism organisations to redefine their offers to focus on the domestic market to rebuild immediate revenues.  

With our collective background working in sport organisations, we are well positioned to develop new strategic and business plans in quick timeframes to help organisations focus their efforts where it will help the most.  If you need to consider restructuring or bringing in new partners, we understand how to achieve this efficiently whilst managing the associated challenges. We are also available to back-fill or mentor staff if needed.

No matter how big or small, we are keen to help.  Please give us a call for a no obligation and confidential discussion.

Contact Us

Craig Jones – 027 459 8874

Andy Adams – 021 834 320

Anita Coy-Macken – 027 290 9779

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