Te Oro is a creative facility for young people from the communities of Glen Innes and Panmure in Auckland.

In this multi-purpose space young people and the local community can come together to perform, practise and learn the arts, express their creativity and talents and celebrate their cultures.

Visitor Solutions and Design Tribe were commissioned to undertake a preliminary feasibility study to examine whether a new youth-focused music and arts centre in Glenn Innes was viable and propose a number of potential sites for such a facility. Our approach included a secondary data review, Hui, asset mapping and consideration of governance, finance and management options, a preliminary schedule of spaces, potential benefits and outcomes. Extensive consultation was carried out with a range of ethnic groups, including members of the Glenn Innes Indian and Samoan communities. The report recommended a more detailed Stage 2 feasibility study should be conducted which Visitor Solutions completed in 2012.  The recommendations of the feasibility study were supported by Council and the very impressive $10 million Te Oro Youth Music and Arts Centre opened in 2015.